We hired Happy Miami Expats to move our family from San Francisco to Miami. Nathalie made the whole process super easy and fun. We needed to move quickly with two kids. I was a bit stressed about finding good schools mid-year and finding a nice home. Nathalie spent time interviewing us so she would know what we were looking for as a family and what was important to us. We then spent 3 full days in Miami looking at different neighborhoods, house listings and schools. We found our dream house thanks to Nathalie and our kids are happy. I would recommend her services to anyone moving to Miami who wants to remove stress from what can already by a stressful situation, moving!
Natalia Daniel

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Our Settling In service is your comprehensive solution to ensure a smooth transition to Miami. We understand that moving, especially internationally, involves a multitude of tasks, decisions, and details. Our service encompasses the critical steps, offering a guiding hand to simplify the process. It starts with social security registration, ensuring you’re set up for financial stability.

We assist with local banking procedures, making it convenient to set up your financial services in Miami. Obtaining a driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance is simplified, ensuring you can navigate the city with ease. If you need a vehicle, our team provides support in the process of purchasing one, helping you find the right automobile that suits your needs and preferences. Setting up utilities, phone and cable services, and identifying medical providers are made effortless.  Our Settling In service is your key to a hassle-free, efficient transition to Miami.

What's Included in the Service

Social Security Registration

We provide guidance and support to register for social security, ensuring you have the necessary documentation to start your financial journey in Miami

Assistance with Local Banking

We assist in setting up a bank account in Miami, ensuring you navigate local banking procedures with ease, making your financial transition as smooth as possible.

Automobile Purchase Assistance

If you need a vehicle, we provide support in the process of purchasing one, helping you find the right automobile that suits your needs and preferences. Our assistance streamlines the process and ensures you make a confident choice.

Utilities Setup and More

We help you set up utilities, phone and cable services, and provide guidance on identifying medical providers. Additionally, we offer assistance with furniture rental or purchase and general support for local purchases.

Introduction to Support Networks

We introduce you to expatriate support groups, clubs, associations, and domestic services, allowing you to quickly connect with local resources and communities.

Obtaining a Driver's License

Our team helps you obtain a driver's license, vehicle registration, and insurance, ensuring you can legally drive in Miami from day one.

Settling into a new destination like Miami can be a complex process, but Happy Miami Expats is here to make it effortless and efficient. Contact us now to get a free quote !

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