Meet and Greet

Upon your arrival in Miami, our Meet and Greet service ensures a warm welcome and a smooth transition. We'll meet you and your family at the point of entry, whether it's the airport or another arrival location, and guide you to your pre-arranged accommodations. This service is designed to offer a calming respite after a potentially long and tiring journey. We can also coordinate additional personal needs such as picking up a rental car, stocking groceries, or arranging pet accommodations.

Area Of Orientation

Adapting to a new location is crucial for feeling at home, and our Area of Orientation service is designed to assist you in this process. Our orientation tours provide detailed information about your new surroundings, including: Local Neighborhoods: Explore and understand the different neighborhoods in Miami to find the one that best suits your lifestyle and needs. Housing Market: Gain valuable insights into the local housing market, helping you make informed decisions about your accommodation. School Information: If you have children, we provide guidance on the local education options, ensuring you make the right choice for your family. Public Transportation: Learn about the various public transportation options available in Miami, making it easier to get around. Historic & Cultural Places: Discover the rich history and cultural landmarks in the city, so you can fully engage with your new community. Medical Facilities: Get familiar with local medical facilities, including urgent care centers and hospitals, to ensure you have access to healthcare when needed. Leisure and Entertainment: Find the best places for leisure, entertainment, dining, shopping, cultural events, and sports, allowing you to make the most of your free time. Family Research Results: We provide information based on your family's unique interests, hobbies, activities, networking opportunities, and places of worship. Government Offices: Locate key local, state, and federal government offices, including police and fire stations, to fulfill any necessary administrative requirements. Personal Requests: We tailor our orientation to include any specific information or requests you may have, ensuring that you're well-prepared to settle in Miami.

Home Finding

The process of searching for a home during relocation can be both exciting and daunting. Our Home Finding service is here to simplify this process for you. We offer: Complete Needs Assessment: We start by understanding your family's unique criteria and preferences to match you with the right property. Housing Market Information: We provide detailed information on housing availability, pricing, and market trends, helping you make informed decisions. Itinerary Planning and Property Tours: We organize property tours and assist in planning your home search itinerary. Lease Negotiation: Our experienced team can help you negotiate favorable lease terms for your chosen property. Property Condition Documentation: We thoroughly document the condition of the property to ensure a smooth move-in process. School Registration Assistance: If you have children, we assist in registering them at the right schools. Utilities and Services Set-Up: We help with setting up utilities, phone, cable, and other essential services in your new home. Furniture Rental or Purchase: Whether you need to rent or purchase furniture, we offer guidance to ensure your home is comfortable from day one. Local Purchase Assistance: We provide general assistance for local purchases of goods and services, including appliances and other essentials. Introduction to Expat Support Groups: Get connected with expat support groups to help you navigate your new environment. Introduction to Clubs and Associations: Discover local clubs and associations that match your interests and hobbies. Domestic Services: If you require domestic services like a gardener or house cleaner, we assist in securing reliable providers.

School Searching

Choosing the right school is a cornerstone of a successful relocation, especially if you have children. Our School Searching service offers comprehensive support throughout the process: Comprehensive School Information: We provide detailed information about both public and private schools in your new location. School Visits: We schedule and accompany your family to school visits, ensuring you have a firsthand look at the education options. Application and Admission Support: We assist in the application and admission process to make it as smooth as possible. You can rest assured that your children will find a school that suits their interests and ambitions.

school searching service in miami

Settling In

The process of moving, especially internationally, can be quite drawn out and complex. Once you arrive at your new destination, our Settling In service comes into play. We focus on the critical details that are essential for a smooth transition. Our experienced team will assist you with tasks such as social security registration, local banking procedures, obtaining a driver's license, automobile registration, school registration, utility setup, identification of medical providers, furniture rental or purchase, and general assistance with local purchases of goods and services. Our aim is to make your relocation as hassle-free as possible.

Departure services

When an assignment is completed or it's time to move on to a new chapter, a smooth and easy departure is the first step. Our Departure Services are designed to make this process efficient and hassle-free. We assist with lease termination, coordinate the move-out inspection, negotiate any related issues, and help with the disconnection of utilities, telephone service, and cable service. We ensure a stress-free departure, including the return of the security deposit and other critical matters necessary for a successful transition.

Departure Service in Miami

Why us?

Here is why you should choose us?

Experience that Matters

With years of experience in serving newcomers to Miami, we understand the intricacies of a smooth arrival and settling process. We bring this valuable expertise to every service we offer.

Personalized for You

We recognize that every individual or family has unique needs and preferences. Our services are tailored to accommodate your specific requirements, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.

Full-Service Solutions

From the moment you arrive in Miami to your departure, we offer a wide range of services that cover everything from logistics and transportation to cultural orientation, making us your one-stop solution.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our commitment is to your satisfaction. We take pride in ensuring that your experience with us surpasses your expectations, leaving you with lasting, positive memories of your arrival in Miami.

We are available for 24/7 for Relocation Services to miami

Caring for your Miami relocation is our top priority, and we understand that questions and concerns can arise at any time. That’s why we offer round-the-clock support to ensure you’re never alone in your journey. Whether it’s a late-night arrival, an urgent query, or simply seeking assistance in the early hours, our dedicated team is just a message or a call away. We’re here to make your transition to Miami as smooth and stress-free as possible

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Nathalie accompanied me and my family before and during our installation in Miami. She was excellent, reactive and very professional. She was even part of our family for my children with delicate attentions for Christmas to make them feel good. His human qualities make his performance far beyond expected. I highly recommend Nathalie for any installation in Miami, with family or solo!
Valérie Freddo
Valérie Freddo
15:41 11 Mar 20
Nous avons fait appel à Nathalie pour nous aider à nous installer à Miami en été 2017. Elle est de très bon conseil et très efficace. Nous nous sommes installés à Miami en très peu de temps grâce a elle. Vous pouvez lui faire confiance !
Hélène Sartoris
Hélène Sartoris
18:02 07 Feb 20
Our family has recently moved to Miami and working with such a professional consultant as Nathalie was a blessing to us. She perfectly understood from the very beginning our needs and expectations and supported us in finding an amazing school for our son, as well as a great place to live, making our landing in Miami very easy and pleasant. Besides being a great professional, Nathalie is above all a wonderful person, warm and emphatic, extremely supportive, a person that you can rely on anytime. We are so grateful to have worked with her and we highly recommend her services if you plan moving to Miami.
Andreea Lazaridis
Andreea Lazaridis
01:47 04 Feb 20
The team at Happy Miami Expats was very helpful with my transition to Miami, between settling in my new job and having to take care of my family I don’t know how I would have done it without their help. I needed to find schools for my kids, find the right place to live for my family, assistance with diving license and social security number. They made it so much easier for us saving us time, stress and money. It was an excellent service from beginning to end. I highly recommend them.
jean philippe assuied
jean philippe assuied
22:31 01 Feb 20
Nathalie helped us during our moving to Miami. She understood completely what we were looking for, and guided us through the complicated process of selecting schools for 3 kids, and choosing a house where we could feel at home.She continued checking on us after we were already settled, and kept helping us.If we had to do this over again, I would definitely count on her again.
Mariana Veiroj
Mariana Veiroj
18:15 31 Jan 20
Nathalie and Anik were great on supporting me and my wife during my transition to Miami. They took care of all the details, sharing insights from the perspective of a foreigner but also bringing some very deep local hints. Great experience.

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