Our Relocation Services

Meet and Greet

We will meet you and your family at their point of entry and escort you to your pre-arranged hotel or corporate apartment, ensuring a calm respite after a long journey. In addition, we will coordinate any personal needs for you upon your arrival such as picking up a rental car, stocking needed groceries or arranging for pets to be accommodated if necessary.

Area of Orientation

Acclimating to a new location is an important part of feeling at home. We will begin a “show and tell” to reset your personal compass. The area orientation tours include the following types of information:

  • An overview of local neighborhoods.
  • Advice on housing market.
  • School information.
  • Explanation of public transportation options.
  • Overview of historic & cultural places of interest.
  • Familiarization with local medical facilities, including urgent care centers and hospitals.
  • Locations of leisure, entertainment, dining, shopping, cultural and sport venues.
  • An overview of family research results; for example, local hobbies, favorite family activities, networking opportunities and places of worship.
  • Location of key local, state and federal government offices, including police and fire.
  • Information based on family requests.

Home Finding

Earching for a home during relocation can be an exciting time filled with a sense of possibility. It can also be daunting. We can save you days of wrong turns and dead ends by providing a short cut to the right home. Once a property is chosen, we stand by you right up until you move in and even afterwards.

  • Complete needs assessment based on each family’s unique criteria.
  • Information on housing market including availability and prices.
  • Itinerary planning and tour of properties.
  • Lease negotiation.
  • Document condition of the property.

School Searching

We understand that, for a family with children, choosing the right school is the cornerstone of a successful relocation. Once a school is chosen, we can be a valuable advocate for you, providing ongoing support through the application and admission process. Knowing that the children have a school that suits their interests and ambitions frees you to focus on the next steps in a successful relocation.

  • Provide comprehensive information on public and private schools in the new location.
  • Aid in booking appointments for visits to targeted schools.
  • Accompany your family to each school visited.

Settling In

Moving, especially moving internationally, is a drawn out process that can involve months of seemingly endless decisions to make and details to remember. Once you arrive at your new destination, we will focus on the details that are critical to a smooth transition.

We know these processes inside and out and will focus on wrapping up these key final steps, all the while saving time and reducing distractions so the expatriate can focus on work.

  • Social Security registration.
  • Assistance with local banking procedures.
  • Assist with obtaining a driver's license, auto registration and insurance.
  • Assistance with automobile purchase.
  • School registration.
  • Utilities, phone and cable hook up.
  • Identification of medical providers.
  • Selection of rental or the purchase of furniture.
  • General assistance with local purchase of goods and services (e.g., appliances).
  • Introduction to expatriate support groups.
  • Introduction to other clubs and associations.
  • Assistance with securing domestic services (gardener, house cleaner, etc.).

Departure Services

Once an assignment is completed, the first step in a move home, or to a new assignment, is a smooth and easy departure. We help in preparing for and conducting the property check-out and helping to insure the return of the security deposit as well as other matters critical to a successful departure.

  • Assist with a lease termination.
  • Coordination of the move-out inspection for support.
  • Return of security deposit.
  • Negotiation issues.
  • Assistance with disconnection of utilities, telephone service, cable service.

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