The Importance of Relocation Company Negotiation

Choosing a company relocation is a very exciting decision. While it will affect your entire life, a company relocation can open yourself up to an amazing experience. Negotiating with a relocation company for their services is a necessary part of this process. The compensation and benefits can really vary. The details depend on where you are moving to and what company you are dealing with. Depending on the position you are accepting, you may be able to request compensation for travel, moving, utility expenses and much more. Let’s take a closer look at what items should be part of your company relocation services package.

Reimbursement for Move-Related Property Transactions from a Relocation Company

When you will be moving from one location to the next, there will be expenses relating to buying and financing your new home that can be covered by a relocation services company. This can include hiring a real estate agent, an attorney to negotiate and complete the sale and working with a mortgage consultant for financing. All of these services can cost you money. You have the ability to request compensation for these expenses from the company you will be working for.

Utility Costs

In order to turn the utilities on at your new location (electricity, gas, water, cable, phone, etc.), you may be required to pay a fee to start up your service. This is another expense related to your move that you can negotiate to have reimbursed by a relocation company agreement. Make sure that you have these items taken care of ahead of time. When you move in, you will have working utilities ready for you. You may even be able to negotiate for your relocation services company to take care of these things for you to alleviate your burden of moving.

Moving Your Vehicle

If you’re going to be traveling quite a distance to your company relocation site, you may not be able to drive your own vehicle there. Even if you are driving during the trip, you may be required to get behind the wheel of a moving truck. There are services that will transport your vehicle wherever you need it to go. This will cost a fee. You can request this service be provided to you as part of your relocation company package.

Random Expenses

Sometimes, you don’t realize the various expenses that can come up when you are relocating until you have spoken with a relocation services company. For example, switching your child from one school to another may cost you money. You may be charged to transfer records. You could also be charged for taking your child out of school before the end of the year. Cancelling a gym membership before your contract is up could cost you a fee. The same could go for your television cable contact.

A new employer and relocation company typically want to provide the same benefits that an employee received at their last job by way of a relocation services company. This also takes into account the difference in living expenses based on area. Moving from a rural town to a large city is quite different. Employers know that a relocation package has to be worth the hassle of moving. Legal, financial, professional and personal expenses are all worth negotiating for.

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