What you should know about Miami life before you relocate there.

Should I move to Miami? How is living in Miami? What is the cost of living in Miami Florida?

If these are questions you have been asking yourself about Miami life, do not worry, we have the answer. This article will let you in on the things to know about Miami.

Miami life is famous for its great weather, national parks, great neighborhoods, diverse culture, beaches, nightlife, great food, and its laid-back lifestyle. Most people are drawn to the city because of its high energy. The increased construction that has advanced urban living in Miami is another factor that attracts people towards the city. With a population of about 400,000 people, Miami life promises great adventure and excitement. Below are things to know about the town in case you plan to relocate there. But whenever you have some time don’t forget to visit other destinies like unique islands or hidden paradises when going to vacations, but if definitely your decision is to leave in Miami you should read this.

What is the cost of living in Miami Florida? This question is one of the most crucial things to know about Miami life. The cost of living in Miami Florida highly depends on factors such as the town you chose to live in, how large your family is and the type of lifestyle you wish to maintain. Having a clear picture of the average cost of rent, transportation, food and other necessities will provide a broad perspective on Miami life. So, how is living in Miami Florida?

The average rent for apartments in Miami sums up to about 2,660 dollars per month in the wealthy suburbs. With the gnawing question of “should I move to Miami?” in your head, you should know that other regions offer lower rental prices which makes the cost of living in Miami Florida versatile. However, areas where rent is low also feature crime rates that are astronomical, hence, most people will opt for different regions due to safety. An internet search will yield results that show rentals of less than 1000 dollars a month in Miami. Miami life has some of the best food that money can buy.

However, just like the rentals, the cost of food is slightly higher than the national average amount. A cheaper option for Miami residents is cooking from home and eating out on occasions thus maintaining a realistic food budget. In case you have children or you are a student, Miami has many great educational facilities including universities and private schools that offer high-quality education. With the real estate being high, a student can manage the cost of living in Miami Florida by sharing an apartment with another student.


The most significant disadvantage of relocating to Miami is the minimal opportunities it offers to job seekers. Moreover, the unemployment benefits cannot sustain the life of a person in the city. Additionally, Miami life calls for high living maintenance. A good example is to own a car with the goal of making transportation easy. The problem, however, is that a car in Miami requires hefty insurance due to bad traffic, extreme weather conditions and a high crime rate. Residents in Miami spend an average of up to 42000 dollars a year to live a modest life.

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