Moving From Chicago To Miami ? Here Are Some Things You Should Know

Moving from Chicago to Miami can bring a great change to you and your family’s lifestyle. If you are an ex-pat who has decided or is considering relocating from Chicago to Miami, you must be thinking about the possible changes.

From weather to loving cost to the neighborhood to job opportunities to recreational activity nothing is too small to leave out from the list of things to consider. And if you are looking for expat services with the process of moving and setting in Miami, Happy Miami Expats is here to help you.


If you have lived in Chicago, you have experienced the extreme cause Chicago gets extremely cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. Miami is more stable than Chicago which you will enjoy. However, hurricanes and tropical storms do visit from June to November. And you can also expect torrential showers during the rainy season.

Living Cost

The cost of living in Miami is much higher than in Chicago. In fact, you can expect as much as 15% more living costs in Miami than in Chicago. Housing and healthcare cost 44% and 9% more respectively than Chicago. If you need help with finding a home and knowing the neighborhood check out our relocation services.


The unemployment is slightly higher in Miami than in Florida. However, Miami has seen growth in the job market by as much as 17.9% in the past 10 years. So, you will get comparatively more employment opportunities now.

Friendly People of Miami

Miami is known to be a Friendly city. The cultural diversity in the people makes them more welcoming. So, you can expect friendly people around if you decide to live in Miami


If you love food, then you sure will love Miami. You may miss your favorite Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, but you will find more variety in cuisine in Miami than anywhere in the USA. Miami has people of different cultures and those people have brought the best cuisine of their cultures to Miami for everyone to enjoy.

Spanish May Be Of Great Help

Although English is the official language of Miami, almost 60% of the population speak Spanish. This is because most of the immigrants are from Spanish-speaking areas.No, you do not have to learn Spanish to survive in Miami, but it might be of great help. Also, make sure to get your kid enrolled in a  high-rated Bilingual Education otherwise they might just start speaking Spanish at home. If you need help finding your kid the perfect school, you can check our services.

Outdoor activities

People of Miami love fitness and like to engage in outdoor activities to keep themselves fit. Miamian loves outdoor sports, most of the time you will find people hanging out at parks, hiking, kayaking, or the usual taking the dog for a run. If you love to take walks, you will like Miami because Miami has been voted as the most walkable city in the USA for many years now.

Night Life

Miami has stores with 24-hour liquor licenses and clubs that are open 24 hours every day of the month. So, if you are a night owl who loves to party, Miami will be a fun place for you.

Health Care

Health care is a crucial factor in ensuring a good life and Miami has one of the best health care in the country. In fact, Miami has been voted as the Cleanest City and America’s fourth healthiest city. The city has the greatest medical institute to serve its people.

It is impossible to describe a city’s good and bad completely in a few words. We have tried to put together some of the things you can expect from Miami. But if you have any questions regarding Miami, we are here to help.

We offer many services to help expats call Miami home. We have helped a good number of people with our relocation services, you can check out the reviews.

For any help or information regarding relocation services, call us at  (305) 705-5484 or contact us.

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