Need Help Moving from New York to Miami?

Relocating from  New York City to Miami is a  stressful event and does require a great deal of planning. Unless you have the luxury to make multiple trips back and forth you would need help to make sure everything is well executed. And here Happy Miami Expats comes in the picture. We will help you from greeting you and your family at arrival at the airport to supporting you through all the challenges of moving and getting settled into a new community. 

At Happy Miami Expats, we love to know our clients so we can discover little things about them and help them in the tiniest way possible. Here are some of the ways we will make the transition from being a New Yorker to Miamian a smooth one.

A Warm Greeting

Relocating to a new place is not just leaving your old life but also your friend and the neighborhood you know by heart. So, the moment you arrive at a new place, the new place, and the new people can make you feel a little lonely and anxious. We are here to make you feel at home. We will meet you and your family at the point of entry to greet you like a friend and also escort you to your pre-arranged hotel or corporate apartment.

In addition, we also take care of necessary things like picking up a rental car, stocking needed groceries, etc. We know pets are as important as any of your family members to you and honestly, we ourselves love pets too. So, if needed we can make good and safe accommodations for your pets as well.

Get To Know The Area

We believe knowing the area is a great first step in the process of acclimating to a new location. We will tell you about almost everything so you are left with the feeling that Miami is fairly known to you. We will share with you about the local neighborhoods, advice on the housing market, information about schools (if you have kids), an overview of historic & cultural places and public transportation options, etc. We also emphasize important stuff like local medical facilities, including urgent care centers and hospitals, location of key local, state, and federal government offices, including police and fire.

Don’t worry! We will come to the fun stuff too. Once we are done sharing the important information, we will share with you all the locations you can use to spend your leisure time for entertainment, the best places for dining, shopping, or your favorite sports. And if you think we have left out anything you are interested in, just ask us, we will never get bored or run out of time to talk to you.

Find The Place You Can Call Home

Home is not just any four walls. Different families have different ideas and criteria that a place needs to have for them to call it home. Finding the right home can be daunting and eat up your days leaving you frustrated. We can save days for you by guiding you to find the right home based on your family’s criteria and your budget.

Along with informing you about the housing market price and availability we plan the itinerary and tour of properties. We stand by every process from lease negotiation to ensuring document condition of the property till you move into your home.

And do not worry, we will keep checking on you afterward as well so if you face an issue we will be there to help you. 

Choose the right school for your kid

For families with children, finding the right school for your kid can be a deciding factor in whether your relocation is successful or not. We support you through this journey so your child gets to a school that suits his/her interests and ambitions. We provide you comprehensive information on both public and private schools. Once you shortlist schools, we not only help you make appointments with those schools but accompany you to the meetings like a true friend.

Settle In

We walk with you through the whole process of settling in. Getting a house is not the end rather the start. We know how many things need to be done before you feel you have settled in. From assisting with local banking procedures to utilities, phone and cable hook up to introducing expatriate support groups to assisting with securing domestic services we will be with you in every step. 

Unless you fall in love with Miami madly and decide to stay here forever, you will most likely go back to New York once your assignment is completed. And Keeping that in mind we provide departer services as well. To know more details about all our services click Here.

If you have decided to take our help or have any questions regarding any of our services feel free to call us at (305) 705-5484  or contact us.

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