Thinking of Relocating to Miami? Here Are Somethings You Should Know

Moving to a new place can be a daunting task especially if you are moving to a new city in a whole new country. Miami is a common destination for ex-pats with family. Whatever may be the reason, relocating to a new place takes a lot of adjusting, and knowing about the place helps to a great extent.

Most people think of the sun, sand, and beaches when they think of Miami. While these are the attractions of Miami which makes it a great holiday destination, Miami has much more to offer to the people who are thinking of relocating to this beautiful city.

If you are an expat, you would be certainly more interested in other aspects of a city than just the natural beauty which may include the lifestyle thing such as culture, weather, health care, real estate, school, etc.

Here are some of the things we believe you should know before moving to Miami:

Friendly People

Miami is a place of cultural diversity. The combination of different cultures and high minority counts creates it a really friendly city to live in. So, if you are thinking of relocating to Miami, you can expect friendly people as Miami is a  melting pot of cultures.

Living Costs

Money is the most important thing while considering relocating to a new place. So, you must know your budget and the places you can afford within your budget. The cost of living in Miami is pretty high, but the good news is in Florida there is no state income tax. Moreover, the sales tax in Miami is only 6% which is less than most of the other states in the USA. Property tax depends on the municipality but if you pay your bills in time you may enjoy some discount.

School in Miami

If you are relocating to Miami with school-going kids then you must be equally interested in the schooling system as housing. The Miami-Dade public school system with nearly 400 schools and over 340,000 students is the fourth largest in the USA. About two-thirds of the population in Miami speaks Spanish. So, your kid will most likely pick up this language in school. So, make sure to choose a school with a highly rated Bilingual Education Program. Once you shortlist the area you are interested in, you can check out school ratings and go to the open house and talk with teachers about the programs and thus make a more informed decision.

Beware of Traffic

Miami traffic can be quite brutal at times depending on the area. The massive population growth in certain areas has caused major traffic problems. We must mention Brickell Avenue drawbridge as traffic there can go on for hours. Most people use cars to go around as public transportation is ideal for tourists only.

Competitive Job Market

You will bring in more money home working in Miami as it does not collect state income tax. While the job market in Miami is not as competitive as Los Angeles or New York, it is not too easy either. If you are not relocating with a job, you should consider contacting the local recruiter for jobs. Anyway, it is good to be prepared for a couple of months of unemployment.

Weather-related benefits 

Miami is known for its tropical climate and has the warmest winter among all major U.S. cities. The average low temperature is 59 degrees whereas the average high temperature is 80 degrees. So, if you hate winter or retirees who suffer from various joint disorders, Miami is the perfect place for you to live in. Along with benefits, there are drawbacks to Miami’s climate which include hurricanes and tropical storms from June to November. Also, during rainy seasons, you can expect evening torrential showers pretty regularly.

Foods In Miami

Miami is a great place for foodies. You can be relocating from anywhere and yet find some new food you have never had before. Miami is the destination of authentic cuisine from different cultures which may include Cuban, Colombian, Haitian, Brazilian, and Puerto Rican. Along with multicultural food, you can also enjoy authentic American dishes here.

Outdoor activities

Miami is a city that loves fitness and most of the residents like to engage in different sports and outdoor activities to keep themselves fit. Miami has over 800 parks inside the border and is surrounded by Everglades National Park and the Biscayne National Park. The people in Miami love to hang out at parks, hike, kayak or the usual take the dog for a run.

Amazing wildlife

Miami can be called the Australia of the USA for its inherent biodiversity. Apart from being home to a diversity of people, it is home to various bugs, snakes, gators, and reptiles, etc. So, if you are planning to live in Miami, you should get used to various other unique insects and wildlife.


Relocating to a new place can affect even the smallest likes and dislikes of an individual. If you love walking then you will enjoy Miami Greatly. In Fact, Miami is so great for walking it has been voted as one of the most walkable cities in the USA for many years now.

Miami Healthcare

Miami has one of the best quality and affordable healthcare in the USA and the world. In 2008, Forbes magazine declared Miami as the Cleanest City in America, and years later it was declared as America’s fourth healthiest city by Livability.com. A lot of things contributed to this recognition which includes lifestyle choices like smoking, exercising, availability of food and amenities, etc. Miami has highly-respected medical institutions such as Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami VA Hospital, the University of Miami’s Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, and Holtz Children’s Hospital. You can also get to Cleveland Clinic Florida and Mayo Clinic within a short drive. So, if you are relocating to Miami you have all the ingredients to ensure a long healthy life.

Things to Do in Miami

Miami has a number of annual festivals and events that are world-renowned. Some of the events to enjoy in Miami are Calle Ocho / Carnaval and Art Basel. If you are not the one to enjoy outdoor events Miami has options for you as well. If you are a party animal then Miami is the right destination for you cause there is not a single day when Miami does not party. Miami has places with 24-hour liquor licenses and clubs that are open 24 hours  365 days a week. 

Now that you know a little more about Miami, you will be better prepared when you come to this beautiful city and enjoy its diverse beauty with a little bit of cons. 

We love Miami and offer great services to expats who are looking to settle in Miami from outside. So, if you need any help relocating contact us.

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