Moving From California To Miami? Here Are Somethings You Should Know

Are you an expat moving from California to Miami? Moving from one state to another is a big transition in life and you must find yourself thinking about all the changes a new city may bring with it.

While California and Miami have some things in common like beautiful sunny weather, Miami is different from California. 

We offer relocation services to expats moving to Miami and we understand you can never be too prepared for such a big change. And here is why we have listed down a few things you should know about Miami before the big move.

Friendly People of Miami

Miami is known to be a Friendly city. The cultural diversity in the people makes them more welcoming. So, you can expect friendly people around you if you decide to live in Miami.


If you love food, then you sure will love Miami. You will find more variety in cuisine in Miami than anywhere in the USA. Miami has people of different cultures and those people have brought the best cuisine of their cultures to Miami for everyone to enjoy.


Just like California, Miami is full of Spanish-speaking people. Although English is the official language of Miami, almost 60% of the population speak Spanish. So, if you are a Spanish-speaking person you will fit in Miami easily.

Lower Taxes

One thing you will enjoy for sure in Miami is the lower tax rate.  While California has one of the highest income tax with 8%, Florida has no state income tax, and Miami’s sales tax is only 6%.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Miami is much cheaper than in many cities in California like Los Angeles. So, you can live a standard lifestyle in Miami at a cheaper price than in certain parts of California.

Beware of Traffic

Miami traffic is brutal in certain areas which is a result of massive population growth. Brickell Avenue drawbridge traffic deserves special attention as the traffic there can go on for hours. Public transportation in Miami is suitable for tourists only so most people use cars to go around.


Relocating to a new place can affect even the smallest likes and dislikes of an individual. If you love walking then you will enjoy Miami. Because Miami has been voted as one of the most walkable cities in the USA for many years now.

Outdoor activities

People of Miami love fitness and like to engage in outdoor activities to keep themselves fit. Miamian love outdoor sports, most of the time you will find people hanging out at parks, hiking, kayaking, or the usual taking the dog for a run. If you love to take walks, you will like Miami because Miami has been voted as the most walkable city in the USA for many years now.

Health Care

Health care is a crucial factor in ensuring a good life and Miami has one of the best health care in the country. In fact, Miami has been voted as the Cleanest City and America’s fourth healthiest city. The city has the greatest medical institute to serve its people.

Night Life

Miami has stores with 24-hour liquor licenses and clubs that are open 24 hours every day of the month. So, if you are a night owl who loves to party, Miami will be a fun place for you.

However good the city you are moving to maybe, relocating to a new place is a daunting task. If you are looking for relocation services, Happy Miami Expats is always happy to help you call Miami home.

Check out the different services we offer to help you through every process of settling in Miami. You can also check out the words of our previous customers.

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