Expat In Miami? Our Relocation Service Help You Settle In

Moving to a new city can be really hard, and most people need professional help to settle in a new place. Whether you are moving from California, Texas, New York, Chicago To Miami, Happy Miami expats provide relocation services that will help you call Miami Home.

Especially if you are someone moving from outside the USA, moving can be a complicated task with too many decisions to make. We aim to take care of all the details to ensure you experience a smooth transition to Miami.

Relocation Service In Miami

We know all the details of all the transition procedures inside out and include everything in our relocation service name, “Settling In.” Here are the services:

  • Social Security registration: Social Security Card is mandatory to avail all the Social Security benefits, and we help you with the registrations.
  • Local banking procedures: Banking is an important function of daily life, and we help you so all your local banking procedures.
  • Driver’s license, auto registration, and insurance: Living in Miami kind of requires you to drive yourself around, and we assist you with getting the Driver’s license, auto registration, and insurance
  • Automobile purchase: Once you have a driver’s license, the next thing you need is to purchase the automobile that goes with your lifestyle, and we do our best, so you find the best automobile purchase.
  • School registration: If you have kids, then finding the right school for your child is an important part of the relocation, and we help you find the best school that will help your kid’s growth.
  • Utilities, phone, and cable hook up: Landing in a new city means new ways of taking care of utilities. We help with all the utilities along with telephone and cable hook up.
  • Identification of medical providers: Health care is non-negotiable, and we help you with the identification of medical providers.
  • Purchase of furniture: If you want to purchase new furniture for the interior of your home and other stuff, we help you buy that too.
  • Goods and services: If you need to buy goods like appliances or other services, you can take our help to find the best.
  • Expatriate support groups: Expatriate support groups are like your friends in a new city, and we introduce you to the local expatriate support groups.
  • Clubs and associations: We introduce you to all the necessary clubs and associations needed to build a strong social community.
  • Domestic services: If you love to garden and need help with that or domestic help, then we will be there to help you too.

Along with the above-mentioned services, we also provide many other benefits. You can check it out here. We have helped many expats call Miami home; you can check out what our happy customers have to say.

If you need our help to settle in Miami or any other relocation services, contact us or call us at (305) 705-5484.



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